Performance – Timing and Phrasing (Part 2)

Last time we started to talk about an important key element in performing valuable emotional music, which is having a unique and tasteful musical timing. We all know that developing a good sense of timing is crucial for playing music. Unfortunately, a lot of musicians are having a very hard time defining what a good … Continue reading Performance – Timing and Phrasing (Part 2)

Performance – Timing and Phrasing (Part 1)

The first key element of performance I'd like to discuss here is timing (phrasing). Before we go in depth into the subject, let's get some basic background on it: Timing and phrasing can express similar musical abilities, but can also relate to different musical expressions. To simplify this a bit for the beginning I would … Continue reading Performance – Timing and Phrasing (Part 1)

Attention To Nuances In Music – Performance

In the last article we've learned that there are numerous musical (and non musical) elements that make people like a certain artist or a song, and they don't even know why. It is our role, as musicians to be aware of them and improve on them all the time. These nuances play a crucial role … Continue reading Attention To Nuances In Music – Performance