The Shtik Factory offers a wide range of services for artists, with emphasis on a very personal and highly creative atmosphere.

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Music Production & Artist Development:

In today’s digital era, it is very easy to record your own music at home and post it instantly to social networks and streaming services. Some of the more serious songwriters will take their song to be recorded in a professional studio, and will even get some help from a producer, so they have a finished song, played by talented musicians and recorded professionally. But then they stay with that only one song on YouTube and Facebook, not knowing why no one has discovered them and made them big stars already.

My perspective on music production is much broader, and also includes a phase of artist development. I usually work closely with the artist and enhance the creative process until the artist has a decent body of work to begin with. These sessions help the artist gain recognition of his/her own identity, and how to let it show through his/her music. This process also involves a lot of creative work, encouraging the artist to maximize his/her songwriting ability and potential.

The music production process then becomes the easy part, where amazing music is just being played and recorded, with a very clear vision on how it should be presented to the public.

I you want to know more, read one or more posts in the blog, or contact me directly.


My approach to mixing is very simple. Working on an already amazing and emotional song yields an amazing and emotional mix. Of course I can make a less than perfect recording sound pretty good, But if I really connect to the song and the artist, that’s where the real magic happens.

So If your recording is amazing, feel free to contact me about mixing it.

Editing & Vocal tuning:

I specialize in very natural sounding editing and vocal tuning. This means that I will never take your drum tracks, beat detect them and just hit the “Quantize” button. I almost never use the grid, because the natural feel of your performance is important to me. I just make sure your performance sounds as flawless as it can be, while making the true musical and emotional nature of the performance my top priority. I can also make your performance sound cohesive and exciting, even if it was NOT recorded to a click track.

And I can do it all real FAST.

I will also never put your vocal track through Autotune on “Auto” mode (you are more than welcome to do it yourself if this is a kind of a musical goal for you). My vocal tuning approach is to make you sound as natural as possible, while keeping severe pitch problems from getting to the listener’s ears. I will keep all your emotional performance intact, so that no one will ever know that your vocal have been tuned. Perfection is not about being perfect!

Bass track recording:

Send me your music to lay bass tracks on with ultimate attention to the emotion and mood of the song. Again, if your music is truly amazing, the bass track you’ll get in return will definitely be so! So don’t hesitate to contact me about that too. You will get 1 D.I. signal track and 2 custom amp tracks that will perfectly suit your song’s sound.



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