Why DIY indie music doesn’t work (for most musicians) – Part 5

If you have read parts 1-4 of this article, you must have realized that the global state of music is the worst it has ever been in terms of artistic value. I am not saying that ALL music sucks, I just say that true talent, musicianship and unique, emotionally valuable music is becoming rare and very hard to come by. Mediocre and undeveloped music is readily available everywhere, in all genres. And it’s not getting any better.

Now, you must have been asking yourself quite a few times while reading about my standpoint “and what can YOU do about it?”

Let’s make it simple at first. I want to share and discuss some important artistic values with you all. Values that will help us all build a strong community, where each member contributes his own knowledge and insights to others and learns from them, rather than competing each other for listeners’ attention. Values that might have been forgotten or unspoken of during the quest for instant success and independent stardom in the digital era. Values that were naturally implanted in the most influential music ever released. Values that will help artists to develop a deep, sincere and unique musical personality. Values that will help artists refine their music, and prevent them from releasing less than emotionally inspiring music. Values that will help all of us raise the bar of alternative music, and make it meaningful again. Values that will build back the broken trust of listeners in non-mainstream music.

How we’re going to do it?

Once a week, I will raise a new topic for discussion. I will share my knowledge and insights about the topic, and ask you for your opinion. If you have something to contribute to the community, please post it in the comments section below. If you have any personal inquiry, moral conflict or suggestion for personal improvement, you will be more than welcome to drop me an E-mail at theshtikfactory@gmail.com.

I also encourage all of you to apply each and every value that we discuss to your music, and of course, send me music that contains any or all values we’ll discuss over time for my personal review and study.

Attention! This is not a quick formula for writing hit songs! There are already too many of these out there on the web or in songwriting books. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place.

This is a complex system of values that has to be worked on and refined continuously in order to find the unique inner artistic self of each of you artists. These values should all be applied at the same time, according to each artist’s unique individual artistic foundation.

If you have read everything I wrote until now, you probably already share my point of view about today’s music industry, and admit that things could have been better. It takes hard work, a high degree of self-awareness and self-criticism, sincerity and devotion in order to make a real, sustainable change. Please follow me and help to make it happen!

Most importantly, I am not here to sell you any “secrets” or any product for that matter. (If you decide that you want to personally hire me as your one-on-one artist mentor, producer, engineer or bass player I won’t stop you either). Not now, and not next month. I am here to help you all sincerely improve and develop, and to learn from you as much as I can, while we make our way to a better musical reality. My ultimate goal is to build a strong community that shares the same artistic values, which will be introduced as one to the Alternative music listeners when the time is right. But first, let’s start with the most basic foundation, the MUSIC!

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